He wants to be FRIENDS friends after the break up, but won't even acknowledge the break up?

I broke up with my ex about 2 weeks ago. He had been lying about basically everything and I had finally gotten enough. I know it sounds heartless, but during the break up he was already going through a rough time. His 14 year old dog died, he got fired from his job, and his sister stole about $2000 from him.

The thing is when I said I had enough, he didn't chase me, he didn't beg for us to be together. He just told me I was upset and he would wait until I wasn't angry anymore. So he dragged his feet when I told him to get his stuff from my place. He texts me everyday asking how I'm doing, if I ate, how work was, etc. But if I try to talk about the break up he changes topics or just doesn't respond.

Before I felt bad for him. Now I'm just irritated. Why won't he just move on? I've offered to sit down and talk everything out but he just says that his emotions are numb. But I'm trying to keep my emotions in mind as well. I can't move on with him still hanging on to me, but I do feel bad because he's going through so much right now. I don't know, I just feel stuck. If telling him outright that we're but together anymore doesn't work, what else can I do?


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What Guys Said 2

  • I understand you feel sorry for what this young man is going through, but feeling sorry is not going to change anything.
    you offered to help and change things for the better, but he's not even interested.
    his actions make him a complicated person and difficult to deal with.
    sorry, but you need to move on.

  • No U turns... Don't be a boat being dragged by an anchor


What Girls Said 1

  • Kindly tell him you need to move on... go No Contact. tell him so. Block his texts, calls, FB everything. Tell him it is to get him out of denial, and you to move forward. Tell him maybe down the road you two can try to be just friends but for now you have to move on. Sorry about his luck, but he is way too much into denial. Best of luck


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