Do men get addicted to their affair partners?

When a married man is having an affair, how easy is it for him to break away from the other woman? Is it possible that he's addicted to her?

It would be useful to have responses from those that have cheated. No persecution here, just looking for some insight.


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  • I've been there and yes you become addicted, The greatest perk is being able to bang the wife at home and the side chick at work. Good times, But eventually you must cut ties for whatever reason.

    • Did you decided to stick with your marriage? Had you not fell for the work woman?

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    • If I leave it's gonna be cause I wanted to not because a vagina made me

    • That's good, I would do the same.

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  • it's a shitty thing to do to one's other half.
    sometimes yes and sometimes no.
    work on the relationship and he should have no reason to crave her.


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