Please help! How do I let this guy down easy?

We have mutual friends and we all hang out together occasionally, but lately this guy keeps asking me to hang out with him alone and I feel really uncomfortable around him. I don't want to be mean since I will have to be around him in the future. He hasn't told me he likes me directly, so I feel like just coming out and saying that I only want to be friends would be highly presumptuous on my part as well as harsh. I can't keep making excuses. How can I make myself clear without being hurtful?


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  • You either hang out with him but make sure to maintain a friends only relationship. Just make sure he knows that you aren't interested. That's probably the easiest way to let him down, he will be hurt regardless. There's no getting around that.


What Girls Said 1

  • You don't have to offer explanations or excuses, just tell him no thank you and leave it at that. I think explaining why you're saying no is what will make the situation awkward.

    Treat it like a girlfriend asking you to the mall or a platonic invitation to do something. Don't give him any indication that you see it as more or you will risk bruising his ego openly. Give him a chance to play it off as a friendly invitation by acting like it's one and he will probably convince himself that's all it was.

    And if it is just a friendly overture - there is no harm in just saying no thanks.

    Good luck.


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