How do you get over someone you're crazy in love with? become an alcoholic druggy?!

i've been with my boyfriend for 2 and a half years now. and I think we're about to end. for good.

we've had a rocky relationship since our 8th month anniversary. he's cheated on me (sleeping with another girl) and I've hurt him by kissing other people (meant nothing). obviously people make mistakes but him sleeping with someone else ruined us.

since then I've not been able to trust him at all. and I'm jealous of every girl he meets, texts, becomes facebook friends with. in fact facebook has driven me crazy because that's where I find everything out.

to get to the point- I want to be with him forever but I'm finding it hard to get past the no trust and jealousy I feel. but I think he's done with me. even after everything he did to me and everything he did to try and win me back. but I can't live without him.

worst part is is he's going to my university this September and I'm scared I'm going to turn into an depressed alcoholic drug addict. I can not cope without him. he is my life and I am 100% sure he will end it with me. we've fallen apart and we're not the same anymore and I'm trying so hard to fix us.

what do I do? don't want to become flipping suicidal or something stupid like that. but that's how much I love him and how much I'm scared.


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  • No I wouldn't do sh** because of just a guy,my life is more important then him.

    Hes such an azzhole doesn't care about how you feel.

    Do you want him to laugh at you beside that girl,saying that crazy bit** is trying to kill her self by taking drugs just to get over me?

    Well you wanna get over him just get angry a lot till you feel better.

    Put your anger on anything,please don't whore yourself because of such a guy,trust me you will find someone better.

    Give a sh*t as you can till you feel better,Do what comfort you but please Don't whore yourself For just a dumbazz.

    You're hurt,i know that.

    First thing Leave him

    Don't say I love him,i wouldn't love someone like that.

    Well He lies,he cheats and you still love him,does he owe you?

    Well if you still with him then yes he does owe you.

    You said he cheats on you then why you think you're just so jealous?

    second thing friends,you need friends,when you just say what annoys you or makes you sad you feel better,it's better then suicide.

    I never luved any1 more then me.


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  • At the very least you two need to split up and be alone or see other people. To be brutally honest it sounds like your relationship with this guy ended a while ago. Now you are just being cruel to each other. If you two are meant to be together then you can reconnect in the future and maybe things will be more solid.

    Just a heads up...Kissing other people never means nothing. If you are in a relationship with someone you deeply care about and are faithful to and then find out they kissed someone else it can be devastating.


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  • the fact of the matter is, you CAN live without him. you just really don't want to and you don't think you're ready. I know it will be hard but you just need to keep yourself occupied and distant from HIM. sometimes you gotta forget what you want, and remember what you deserve.


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