HOW do I get him back?

I had an amazing, loving relationship with the man that fulfilled all of my needs. And he broke up with me. During the relationship, his trust issues became a real problem for us. 9/10 times we worked it out between the two of us and I was able to calm his fears. The reason he broke up with me is that he feels I betrayed and disrespected him. He went through my phone (which has no passcode on it and I leave it with him all the time) and looked at the texts between my best friend and I. And in those messages, he found a message where I was venting some frustration to my best friend. He had accused me of trying to make my ex husband jealous by using him and showing him off. Which is something I would never do. It made me so frustrated and angry that I messaged my friend to vent about it. And I said... if I wanted to make my ex husband jealous, I would have used my ex boyfriend. My currrent (at the time) boyfriend was very upset at this text. He says that I compared him to my ex boyfriend and said that my ex boyfriend was better then him. The only reason I said that is bc I would never "use" anyone I care about for any reason. I miss our relationship and what we had, but he's not budging at all. I want him back so badly. And I don't know what to do.


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  • Does he had shown any signs of wanting to go back too?

    • He met with me last night and we had dinner. Talked about everything that went wrong. But he still said he needs time. But then today, he texts me (after I had not contacted him) and tells me that he hopes I'm having a great day and that he misses me. I'm just more confused.

    • Tell him that his trust issues are breaking you so bad and that if he continue like this you gonna move on with your life and that you like and loved everything about him but only his trust issues which you had several talks about them. Tell him that you have a life to live and that if he doesn't act in a more mature way then the relationship won't work and that you gotta have to split and each one goes in a separate path.

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