Ex girlfriend feels bad about breaking up, what to make of it?

we broke up because she wasn't ready for a relationship yet

we had no contact for 7 days and after i texted her to see how she was doing she said she wasn't feeling good, later on she said she was feeling bad about it.

what to make of it?


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  • She’s regretting the break up and is missing the good times. It’s normal once you’ve lost someone that you cared about. She’ll be fine don’t worry.


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  • Well, that's completely normal. When she was with you, she didn't feel that things were right. Now she's lost you, she's missing the attention that you gave her and she's feeling depressed. It's a typical case of 'you don't know what you've got till it's gone' that people always talk about.

    It's best for you to ignore it, you might be feeling down as well and want to get back together, however I highly doubt anything will change if you do get back together. She'll start taking your attention for granted again and feel like she's 'not ready for a relationship' and it will be an ongoing cycle. If she hasn't been ready, move on, find someone who is.


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  • She needs to assume the consequences of her acts

  • Let her feel bad if she broke it off.


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