Did I made the right choice?

Alright here is a briefing of my story : I met this girl 3 years ago and we've been moving from normal friends to best friends to gf/bf. Here are some traits about her :
# She's a very clingy person which kinda annoys me (I can't have much free space)
# She's a very talkative person which I find sometimes annoying lol (I mean it's normal for a clingy person to talk too much with the person she's clingy to)
# She's the kind of introverted person who doesn't talk with the others
# She's the kind of person who impose respect and very cautious
# She's a super analyst kind of person (She analyses so much everything) and it's very exhausting
# She helps me when she sees me in a situation that I need help (I'm the kinda of person who doesn't ask for help no matter what)
# She is like a possessive kinda of girls who wants me for her only (This sucks because I can't even breathe -_-)
That's all, here is a photo of us (she is in the middle and our mutual friend and her roommate is on the left). After we finished studies and everyone of us went back home (We studied in another city) I told her that we have to break up because I felt like I didn't want to have such a relationship start in my life and I wasn't feeling like I could carry her traits all my life (I felt like I was disadvantaged in that relationship). We both had our first sexual interactions with each other in our lives but there was no penetration at all. So do you think I made the right decision to break up?
Did I made the right choice ??
Did I made the right choice?
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