Did I made the right choice?

Alright here is a briefing of my story : I met this girl 3 years ago and we've been moving from normal friends to best friends to gf/bf. Here are some traits about her :
# She's a very clingy person which kinda annoys me (I can't have much free space)
# She's a very talkative person which I find sometimes annoying lol (I mean it's normal for a clingy person to talk too much with the person she's clingy to)
# She's the kind of introverted person who doesn't talk with the others
# She's the kind of person who impose respect and very cautious
# She's a super analyst kind of person (She analyses so much everything) and it's very exhausting
# She helps me when she sees me in a situation that I need help (I'm the kinda of person who doesn't ask for help no matter what)
# She is like a possessive kinda of girls who wants me for her only (This sucks because I can't even breathe -_-)
That's all, here is a photo of us (she is in the middle and our mutual friend and her roommate is on the left). After we finished studies and everyone of us went back home (We studied in another city) I told her that we have to break up because I felt like I didn't want to have such a relationship start in my life and I wasn't feeling like I could carry her traits all my life (I felt like I was disadvantaged in that relationship). We both had our first sexual interactions with each other in our lives but there was no penetration at all. So do you think I made the right decision to break up?Did I made the right choice ??


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  • I'd say you made the right decision. If you are not happy in a relationship, you can't invest in it the way you're supposed to. You won't be able to keep her happy. It may or may not improve with time, but right now you have other things to focus on. Maybe, you can call it a break, contemplate, stay friends and see where life leads you.


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  • If you think your relationship needed to end, then it was the right decision to end it. But if your not happy with your decision, don't seek vindication through other people, it'll make you look pathetic and unchrasmatic

  • You didn't mention one good thing about her though.

    • Honestly, sometimes women behave clingy/insecure when you make them feel that way. Trust issues. I am not the one to judge but maybe that is the case?

    • No she doesn't have trust issues, she's clingy because she feel more comfortable and happy when I'm around like 24/7

  • No, she seems great, but now she might hate now. You might have to delete all social media depending on how she's taking it.
    But really though, dedication like that is EXTREMELY RARE. You should really go get her back before you end up with some dumb c*nt that will divorce you, take half your stuff, when she's done pretending to be nice. The fact is, you're not that good looking and you might end up just jumping in and out of relationships with chicks using you as a meal ticket or a rent free crash house. And that's no way to live. Maybe you're afraid of being with one person so far, but I guess that depends on your priorities. Do you want to have children, house, trust in your partner or is hooking up with a lot more important? Neither are wrong, but the choice will have effects like a new Telltale game.
    Personally, I think you should get her back before she's gone, but she'll always remember this, so you might have messed it up already.

    • I know and I'm aware that she will always remember this and she said that if we break up that's ok because I've done only good to her and she enjoyed really having time with me all this time (I know most girls do say this to cover the broken heart but I know her very good and I know that she said that convincly). I break up with her because I didn't want my relationship in my life to start like this (I was trying to carry and support her traits for 3 years but at the end energy was sucked so fast out of me that I understood that it wasn't a really healthy relationship even though nothing seriously BAD is about her traits).

    • Gimme her Kik then, I'll take her off your hands.

    • She doesn't have Kik and I won't give you anything lol

  • If you weren't happy then you made the best choice for yourself


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