While my ex and I were still dating, he asked for a bracelet a dear friend gave me but now I want it back?

I am not sure if I should even ask even though I'll be really guilty and will probably have to lie to my friend.

So I want to know if I should ask back for it and if so how do I do that.


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  • If a dear friend gave you a bracelet, it was for you and not for him So why did he want it? I would not give something a friend gave me to my boyfriend. It is a strange thing to give your boyfriend at the time. If it was some remembrance of you, then something you bought yourself, would sound more practical.

    You need to ask him directly for the bracelet. Don't make any excuses as you do not need them. He is your ex and you don't need to make up stuff to get it back from him. It was yours given to you by a kind friend. There is no need to be guilty about anything.


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  • I think if you are over each other, he won't mind giving it back. The only reason he wouldn't give it back would be because he is trying to hold onto the relationship. If the bracelet meant a lot to you, and you only gave it to him as a token of how you felt for him at the time, then he shouldn't mind giving it back. its not like it was a birthday or Christmas present, those you can't ask for back, but with this you can. I think just text him or whatever and explain that a close friend gave it to you, and that it means a lot to you. If you still have something of his ask for an exchange.


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