After heartbreak?

Is it normal to feel like you aren't in reality? Just floating around through... a sea of utter shit? I feel nothing, I can't even cry anymore and i distrust everyone. I have no friends, family, just lost. How do you wake up and get motivation to get out of bed when every step ends up being a slip in shit.


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  • Yea heartbreak is no joke. Been down that road. I went through a period where I couldn't leave the house, even when the weather was beautiful and the sun was shining. One day I just got up & decided I want to get better. What helped me was my closest friends who always gave me an ear to hear me vent, I READ just about everything on heartbreak. I read up on people's experience from people who have had their heartbroken to the people who did the heartbreaking. Reading actually helped to know I wasn't alone, plus you can find good advice.

    I took up new hobbies like hiking and photography which I still do and tried things I never done before like cliff diving which I also still do. I think the most important thing that I did was allow myself to feel the pain that I was going through instead of running away like many people do. I learned and understood so much about myself. You'll be amazed what you get out of it when you allow yourself to feel the hurt, but you have to be productive as Well

    • It sucks because I just moved and all my friends are in different states, and its a little more 'challenging ' to meet people now that im older, I just am picky. Thanks for the help

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    • Thanks for the help and insight. Even when it feels hard.

    • No doubt. Keep your head up

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  • Currently going through this now, I may be younger but it still hurts. And hurting doesn't even describe it well. There are a range of emotions that I am feeling, usually it ends with feeling numb. My advice is to reach out to people. This can be one of the toughest things to do when you feel like you can't trust anyone, but there is someone that you will know who will listen and not judge you and let you say your piece. Bottling up the emotions is probably one of the worst things to do with heartbreak because you won't be able to heal. You have to let it out in some form or manner. Once you have said your piece you then begin the healing process.
    For me, this is going to be in the form of keeping busy, or rather forcing yourself to be busy, even when you hate it and don't want to. Staying in bed and thinking about it all is not doing you any good, so the only other thing to try is to do other things. It doesn't have to be life-changing things at first. Simply getting up and showered and dressed is a start to healing, because you are making an effort to not let the pain defeat you. Clean your room, go for a short walk, talk to a friend. Something small that you can at least say you accomplished in the day, and feel proud of it.
    Take one day at a time, and do something in it that you can look at and be proud that you did it. Because it is healing you. You already made a huge first step, and that was coming here and posting this question, you are reaching out, you want to heal and get better and you should be proud of it. Even if you don't feel it yet, you are healing. And in a weeks time or even a months time, you won't feel the way you feel now. You will be better and you will learn from it and be a stronger person. We all feel vulnerable from time to time and it is natural, just don't let it defeat you.

  • Yeah, that's common... But you'll get through it. Keep your head up 😊


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