Honestly just looking for outside opinions?

I've been with my boyfriend for a year and a half. Things were amazing, like a fairy tale. He opened my doors, bought me flowers and had them sent to my work just to show he was thinking about me. My family loved him. We used to sit and talk for hours. We planned our future together. Then after a little over a year, we moved in together.

Now he's distant. He's becoming more controlling. He doesn't look at me the same way. We hardly talk anymore unless it's about something he's unhappy with. He keeps putting off the idea of children even though I made that clear from the beginning of the relationship that I wanted them and he agreed. He then told me that because of his previous drug problem (he has been clean for 3 years) that he just came feel like he used to.

I'm beginning to wonder if he's a sociopath and had been pretending up until now, or if things really changed that much.


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  • Seems like u got the perfect man and now after you moved in together he may feel ur taken over and choking him give the man space sometimes woman want to change there men that may work for so men but no all men
    Don't push him on wanting kids let this happen if it's meant to be... so if u treat him like a king he will treat u like a queen and years down the line u will be thinking why did I ever post this online good luck hope u have a good life with kids and s good husband to boot.

    • I haven't taken over anything. I let him decorate the way he wanted. I let him make the major decisions. he decided where we moved to, we moved here for his job. he decided which apartments. I've given him time and space. I do little things like make him dinner before he gets home, I make his lunch for work. I do all of the laundry and the dishes. I have never tried to change him, I love who he is.

      I just don't like that all of a sudden we don't talk, we don't cuddle, we don't do anything together even if it's just watching movies on the couch. His eyes are just blank now and he's so indifferent.

    • I believe what you're saying and u sound like a good woman.
      And u want your man back try different things to gain his interest in u this may be in the bedroom dressing up for him or been crazy having sex outdoors it will be a adventure u both can enjoy its your call I don't have all the answers but something needs to happen asap if all esle fails tell him you're going back to live with your family that should work to get to the truth of why he is been like u say good look hope that things work out for u both

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  • That's a wild assumption, judging from your the opening lines he is just no longer in love.

    Thinking about it he might have got involved in something that results in a terrible fate and wants to keep you away from it.

    Either way, when things stop working you get rid of them, he might just not have the guts to do it formally.

  • if you have to use descriptors like a sociopath to describe the man you once loved, you're better suited to see a profesional about your problems. not the internet.

  • It looks like he has changed but whether due to time or if this is who he really was, only he knows.

  • Are u willing to mingle again


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