Im crying rn.. read?

Today my boyfriend broke up w me.. We had been together for 9 years. I just think he stopped love me. But I just wanted to tell you that and I don't know if im going to be online or not. Maybe im too sad to be on here or this is the only thing i can do to keep my mind off him.. I hate my life


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  • This may not be typical but breakups hurt really bad, have you thought of places you could cry it out till it's too much and you move to the next place to cry some more till the tears your crying just stop because you have to in order to be happy. Try crying in the bath tub with a million candles lit or some random spot in the woods. If you need to take your mind off him and you're afraid to come on here, I've got you if you need someone to reply to you on here on a consistent basis till you feel more of yourself.


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  • I am so sorry I know how you feel , I close to have same thing.
    Time will help I am sure how the pain kill you now from inside how with passing time you will feel less pain , just remember yourself it's time and will pass away


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