He never did like me or cared. Or did he? He has been divorced before and was going to get married again but it never happened?


Iconfronted him that about something that was bothering. because he told a older friend of mine that I was at a stalkin mode and that either way he will still be nice too me. I got feed up with it and confronted him and questioned. That day we got serious and talked about it he said "don't cry" and when I was standing next to him out of no where he initiated a hug. I told him I was going to leave him alone and that I deleted him from fb. He said "no you don't have to you can stil leave comments and tag me on things". Well I left I turned around and saw him and he had his arms wide open for me. I don't remember if he asked if he could give me a hug or for me to hug him. All I know is that I walked towards him and since my backpack was on the way. I went under and hugged him around his torso, and he hugged above and rubbed my back. I'm shorter than him too.

When we let go I stood there standing next to him and he kept a hand my the back of my shoulder closest to him and e get rubbing it.

Before this happened he used to work nights shift, and I went to school at night. But after that he moved back to mornings shift.
Lately when I will need. To go to school earlier I will have to catch the train. Weirdly enough I'll be waiting for the train he will be the one working on the train. So instead of me sitting where I will wait the train at I will walk away and sit somewhere far from him.

The first time I saw him he walked by and questioned me why I was avoiding him. The 2nd time he walked by and smirked/smiled at me. He stopped in the middle of the hallway like he wanted to turn back around. He kept walking but later came back down. And came up too me and talked.

I have sent him message on Facebook, an he hasn't checked it yet. It's been two weeks since I've sent him that. He does get on fb because he likes things or comments. why would he ignore my msgs on Facebook but questioned me or talk in person?

I should pretend none this happened right?


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    • He never cared for me did he? Towards me? Like on likes or caring.

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  • What's your question?

    • He never cared for me did he? Towards me? Like on likes or caring.

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    • I know bubhe could just simply treated me like another customer like other females.

    • I would just let it go

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