SHORTQUESTION May this work to get back together?

So, next January he is going to Ireland on a program for 6 months, after that he will come back.
On Monday we broke up, he started telling me that he didn't want to get more in love because it would be more difficult for him to leave, and if we were going to break up on January it would be better to break up now and don't get more attatched. He looked so calmed and didn't cry, I was bawling. I told him we should try long distance but he said that that program has always been his dream and a relationship would distract him. So, yesterday I was thinking that maybe I could go to his place next week and tell him that it is okay if he wants to breakup when he leaves, that I will always support him with whatever makes him happy, but that instead of breaking up 3 months in advance we should instead enjoy the time he still has here before he goes, and that if the day comes and he wants to breakup it will be okay, but we can know that even if he is there and I'm here, whenever he feels sad, happy, or just want to talk, he can call me. And I will do the same, because its better to remain in good terms and know that you still have someone when you need them.

We have both been in toxic relationships, and he always told me how he loved ours because we don't fight, there's no lies, nothing bad. We support each other always.

Do you think saying this might work to get back and enjoy the time we have left? What would you think if your ex did this?

What things would you as a guy like to hear that might convince you to get back in this situation?


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  • If you love him do what you think is best. But just now, getting back together despite the reasons for the breakup still being there is never a good idea. It could another break up, and doing that again and again will likely hurt what you've had and change both your feelings.

  • Leave the man alone, he broke up with you and has no intent to have a fling for you. The awe that you want to extend the relationship for 3 months is also maddening.


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