We been together for 15 years now we're exes! What would you do?

Long story short... Met this girl in 6th grade... We were eachother first... I made mistakes cheating being a dude of course... We had a child my beautiful daughter which is 9 now... We split up for about 2 years but was still messing around... I moved back to the old apartment we brought & purpose to her w a 2500$ ring... We got in a heated argument in front of her sister she took the ring off... (We were planning the wedding) I told her to wear the ring I put in in her lap one morning on her way to work... Bad news: Somebody broke in her car stole the money out my daughter purse... & THE RING! She didn't seem to care about it as much as me! But we never got another 1 I left her months after but we've still been having relations then she stop for about 11 months then we had sex after her co-worker seen me on a date with a new lady & told her... But she won't commit we purchased a house together but I never stayed there because we wasn't getting along... But I don't get why she won't commit an gets mad when she hears I'm dating an if I bring up marriage or us being together she either switch the subject or say she doesn't want talk about it... But her sister tells me she not dating anyone an waiting on me to get my act together but... I'm tired of going back and forth I love her but I'm in the process of getting my own home an let her an my daughter keep the house we picked out together... Any suggestions on why she acting this way or how can I fix it?
We been together for 15 years now we're exes! What would you do?
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