Why does my ex have 2 facebook profiles?

Okay. So my ex and I have been broken up for 4 months. He blocked me from the original Facebook profile immediately after the breakup. We have had zero contact in 4 months. Last week, I was at a local gas station. He and I stood side-by-side in line. I would not look at him, I kept my head looking straight down. I made no effort to speak to him and he made none to speak to me. A few days later for some reason, I typed in his name on Facebook and a second Facebook profile came up. His profile cover picture was a picture that I took of him while we were together. That probably has no meaning , but it seems kind of weird that he would use a picture that I took of him. Why would he create a second Facebook profile? Is he looking at my Facebook profile? He also knows what time I go to work in the morning and I have passed him numerous times over the past few weeks. It seems a bit odd to me. He's always staring at me when we pass in our vehicles. I want to hope and believe that it's because he misses me and he doesn't know what to do or if you should reach out to me. Help me. I know I sound like a fool. I just want him back. I miss him terribly. Our breakup came out of the blue and I was devastated. I honestly thought he was my person. Thanks for any comments.


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  • Whats it matter he a ex for reason


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