What do you think about spousal support/alimony?

Spousal support or alimony is financial support that a person has to give to his/her spouse, usually after divorce.
Sometimes even the wealth owned is also divided between the separated couples.

Do you think now that so many men and women are capable of being independent and face similar troubles in job market, we need such legal provisions?

One of the reasons behind such provisions is the spouse should be able to continue the same standard/quality of life even after separation or divorce.

Do you think it should also depend upon the fact that who was the guilty party for divorce? And should the quantum be so high as we have seen in the high profile cases?What do you think about spousal support/alimony??


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  • It depends. If the primary bread winner cheated or decided to divorce their partner "out of the blue" without any valid reason (and left their spouse in an unstable financial situation), than I could see the purpose behind it. But otherwise, it's just a weapon used to hurt each other where it hurts most; in the bank account.

    • Would you agree that even in "out of the blue" cases the amount should be what is needed for basic necessities and not beyond that?

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  • I think it should be for a year to give them a chance to find a job and get settle in and thats it.

    The idea that they need to continue to have same quality of life that they had while married when they are separated is fucking ridiculous. A woman shouldn't be able to marry a man who earns more than she does, stay at home and then divorce him and expect to have him continue to provide that same lifestyle for her.

    • The idea of making it provisional for only a year or so sounds good.

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  • should be scrapped unlike child support. we dont have it here in the uk

    • I didn't know that. So in UK there is no such thing as alimony?

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    • thats it. decide who gets what and then free to get new lives. just child support if there's kids in the picture and thats fair enough

    • Of course. Child support has to be there, undoubtedly

  • That depends on the income the spouse already has.

    • So if the one person has less income the person earning more should pay?

    • Usually there's a judge to decide about that. It can be a state judge or an arbiter chosen by both parties.

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