How do you deal with an annoying ex?

Rumor has it that my ex seems depressed as fuck ever since we broke up. He isn't even talking to his friends and he drinks alone. His friends keep expressing concern for him and one of them asked if I ever talk to him. I don't know what their deal or his deal is. He is honestly being a little dramatic.

I am trying to stay away from negativity as much as possible but part of me wants to just talk to him and say "I'll just be a friend if you need me." It is not my job to console him though... I have no idea what to do.
He was the one who broke up with me.


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  • Pour yourself a nice tall glass of "not my problem".

    On your end; I get you don't want to see him depressed or miserable. You didn't want to be with him, but you don't want to mess up his life. That speaks well of you. After a break up, you really should focus on yourself. What are your goals, what needs your focus, what did you learn?

    On his end; giving him an open door like that isn't kind in the long run. Might give him hope, no matter what you tell him. Actions speak louder than words, so if you make yourself available to him, he may think there's still a chance. Make a clean break, and let him move on.


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  • Yeah... I've seen my friend did this as well... men takes more time about break up... but consulting them don't get you anywhere... they will get by themselves.. but only medicine for him is time... thats all... Peace.


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  • WOW. He broke up with you and now they want you to go fix his fee fees? That's NUTS.

    Good on you saying no because that's so absurd. If they were real friends they'd tell him so instead of doing this stupid running around.

    • Something like that. His friends are just asking me that sometimes. They're not expecting me to do anything. But yeah it is absurd lol.

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    • Lol ikr. I'm doing my best to deal with it right now. It's just irritating. He was a good guy and then he began questioning the relationship---breaking up with me, then getting back together with me, and then breaking up with me again. If it lasted for a while longer, it would've become an on/off relationship. I can't believe I let myself deal with that shit. I should've broke up with him when he wanted me back and apologized for "being emotional."

    • Live and learn. It's really good that you can look back on it and see how you can set boundaries that will save you the trouble.

  • Keep staying away. It's indeed not your duty to cheer him up.
    You can be comforting if he comes to you though, while remaining distant otherwise you'd give him false hope.

  • You are the one who should decide if he deserves to be talking to or he is a bad guy
    And remember they're your ex for a reason
    Good luck


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