My [ldr] boyfriend doesn't trust me?

Me and my boyfriend from two different countries but we met once and it was great, the problem is he seems like he doesn't trust me because if i said anything or if any situation happened i talked about he always says "swear to god" and if i didn't it will be a huge problem
Recently i was testing him to see how he would reach to what I'm saying by asking him that i want to do something and see if he will agree or disagree NICELY because we broke up before for how much he was rude to mean, emotionally abusing me and remind me of my past, so i just wanted to test me, after that he said he disagree nicely so i said it was a test, he kept saying swear and this time i said i was not lying, then everything went crazy he called me a liar and i should admit that i lied and i did such a big thing, i threatened him by leaving because i can't stay with someone who doesn't trust me even one bit.
I don't know what he's thinking of, please someone tell me should i actually stay or just leave and why
Thank you!
My [ldr] boyfriend doesn't trust me?
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