She is trying to gain my trust again but it’s not working?

Caught my girlfriend in a lie the other day. She wasn’t texting or picking up my calls for two days. On the 3rd day I called her in the morning, she picked up right away. I asked her what was wrong but and she said she was upset and needed space from a small argument we had but everything was okay. She said she was sorry for not responding but she said she would text me after work when she got home. I never got a text so I assumed maybe she was still upset. So I decided to write a her a nice letter so I can put on her car. I drove to her house at 4am and her car wasn’t there. The next morning she texts me saying she is sorry for it texting me because she knocked out as soon as she got home. So there was lie number 1. I called her out on it and we started arguing. During that I go on Facebook and one of her guy friends tags her in a picture. They went to Disney with a guy who I know likes her but she claims he’s just a friend and that was during the time she wasn’t talking to me. Anyways I got heated and she wanted to talk. We sat in my car for 3 hours, most of it was me yelling asking her where’s she’s been at and if whats going on and her saying she was sorry but nothing happened between them. She then kept saying I don’t want you to leave me, and I’ll do anything and I know I was in the wrong. She confessed to all the stuff she lied about and was even letting me in her phone if she has to. She said she will never stop texting me, or calling me, and she’ll spend every second she can with me. But the one thing is she doesn’t wanna lose me over that. It’s been a day and she’s been texting me a lot to see how I’m doing. But I just can’t get that lie out of my head and wondering what else she’s lied about in the past. Anybody been in a situation like this? I’m still so mad right now. I don’t know what to do?


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  • I know what it's like to have someone constantly lie over and over and it's okay if you dont want to trust her. No one is forcing you and it's your own decision whether or not you want her in your life and what you want her to be. To try to find out all her lies is pointless and difficult and will only allow more anger, hatred, disappointment or whichever feeling you have to build up. Don't jump quickly into a solution and try to block her temporarily if you get tired of her constant texting. All you need right now is to clear your mind and to not do anything rash. A clear mind should be a priority currently.

    • She's been going home this past weekend and hasn't hung out with that guy since, at least that I know of now. I'm so weary of what she tells me now. At night I just keep thinking of ways to break it off or what I could so to get even so she knows how bad it hurt to get lied to. I still love her I know that but I don't eve feel comfortable opening up anymore. it just feels weird. I guess l'll see how this week turns out.

    • Good luck hun... And I wouldn't trust her even if she was home 24/7 because you never know what's on her social media. I hope you get through this and don't do anything rash. Try to have a good week xx

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  • I have. Holy shit can I relate to that exactly. How long ago did this happen?

    • This happened yesterday

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    • I’m doing the best I can and trying to forgive her. She was crying last night and saying she can’t imagine a life without me. She even wants to do therapy because she knows she needs it for her anxiety. All this she is saying but I guess actions speak louder than words. So I’ll give her the time to redeem herself before I make any decisions.

    • I wish the best of luck. And hope things work out for you. Just the update from my story. I ended up keeping my son, the house and 3/4 of the furniture. I gave her the bedroom set. Eww.. But it all seriousness if it can be worked through that's great. Hope both of you can put it behind and move on. Time will help all wounds. Good luck.

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