Not over ex of a year... what do I do?

My ex and I "had" to break up because we were going to colleges in different states, and we had already tried long distance. I put that in quotations because we both still loved each other but agreed it would be best to experience other people while we were still young. Its over a year later and here I am, still thinking about him every day and having dreams about him. I wish I was over him, but I'm not. I have dated other people but nothing feels the same. How do I get over him?


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  • I would think about the fact you two have no plans to see eachother. so you need to bring yourself to a reality that your bond with the guy, was a nice one, but its now come to an end. I dont believe in the "one" but I think every relationship is unique, so I would work on finding a new spark, instead of trying to ignite an old one. and you dont need to think about the guy whos gone in bad light, but accept what you had, and have some sort of curiosity to what new set of experiences lay ahead.

  • It's only a matter of time. It is that feeling of loneliness we have when we are separated from each other when we used to share everything with that person. Some people need more time than others but it's true that whenever that happens we can't find the answer. I think it's like hypo, it comes without us wanting it and it leaves us without knowing, but it's because we stop focusing our attention to it. That feeling you have will disappear when you concentrate yourself in other things and keep yourself busy with friends and living your life. Maybe without lovers so as not to remember your ex again to compare the new ones with the old one. As in the lion king, hakuna matatta, don't worry, leave your past behind you.


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