My ex messaged me today?

My ex messaged me today, I haven't talked to him since June. We dated for 3 months before he told me he didn't want a relationship and that he just wante to be friend with 'benefits'. I told him no. Found out he cheated on me the whole time we were together, after breaking up.

He's a proud pothead, he got fired from McDonald's, high school dropout, lives with his grandma. But he was my first love and I still care for him.

He started off with 'hey', like ok hi, typical 'how are you's' conversation. Then he started asking things like 'so are you loud when you have sex because you have your own place now?'

I told him to back off, he said it was a normal conversation to him, I said it wasn't, and we started arguing. Fought for a half hour before I blocked him, I only let it go on so long because I had other frustrations so I took it out on him. Wrong place wrong time type thing.

Anyways, before we really started fighting, he had asked me about my job. I told him it wasn't his business. I'm worried that he's going to come up to my work and like stalk me. He already knew where I work.

Guess I'm just concerned that he's going to start drama. that's the type of person he is.
My ex messaged me today?
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