What should I do?

My ex girlfriend texted me saying “i just think i have more to proces than i expected”

we had very clean clean break up and relationship but her previous boyfriend did cheat on her and she told me she wasn’t ready for a relationship when we broke up.

i have no idea how to respond to her now or what she wants me to do


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  • I think it may be giving you reassurance that you're not the reason and she just got a lot on her mind, hence the breakup? Pretty cryptic text to be honest, hopefully some other ladies on here can unravel it (:

    • That’s what she said during the breakup, that nothing was wrong between us but she just wasn’t ready yet.

      You think she will reach out to me if she has processed it al?

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    • I'm sorry I didn't want to give you completely false hope. Anything can happen and this is only my opinion, hope it does make a positive turn

    • I always like honesty so don’tvworry about it. In the end she could always change her mind, i also have to translate the texts from my language so maybe she means more “space” instead of “distance”

      Guess i’ll just give her until new year and see how things go

  • Just let her know that you’ll be here if she needs you and you will give her space

    • Thanks i did, only didn’t mention i would give her space but i’ll just stop texting her or anything now so she gets space and time

What Guys Said 1

  • Don't respond. She has indicated she needs time to process.


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