Girls, WHy does girl in fashion store always stare at me?

Ok since I was 14 I been into bodybuilding, however it was only untill I was 20 when I became serious and learned nutrition and proper exercise techniques. I have gained a significant amount of muscle within the past 2 years. So when ever I go town I sometimes wear just a hoodie , skinny jeans etc etc. But whenever I walk in this o e fashion store there's always this one girl out of say 5 who work there that always stares at me when I walk in or walk past. None of the rest do it only her it's happened like 5 times now. Why does she always stare at me?


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  • They probably think you’re a thug and are either going to beat up the retail workers or that you are going in there to rob them.

    • or , they might think I'm an intelligent elephant with 3 legs and one eye who beat the world record for standing on the most amount of piled high plates whilst singing go grease lightning?

    • No one wants your mediocre penis, roid rage.

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