My ex from 6 months ago just recently called after no contact at all since the break up?

we dated for about 6 months but I cared about him so much and the break up was hard but it was terrible timing for the relationship. he just called me after no contact what so ever saying how got a new phone and lost my number but has wanted to call me so much since the break up. I've wanted it so badly to so it was good to hear that. he wants to hang out but I'm nervous for 2 things 1. those wounds have healed, I don't know his intentions and don't want to ask and seem stupid but I don't want to expect to much and get hurt again, I can't help it though I've been wanting this there's no other feelings but hope that well get back together and 2. since the break up I've put on like 15 pounds it sounds superficial but I'm nervous how he'll react to might be in all the right places but its still weigh. I need advice please!


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  • I understand your dilemma. You probably were comfort eating after the break up, but 15 pounds isn't a lot. You are naturally nervous meeting him again after all this time, and are afraid of his reactions of seeing you and also afraid of what might or may not happen.

    The thing is, go meet him, but as a friend. Do not be clingy or touchy feely with him,. I know memories of being with him and how close you once were, will open the flood gates. Just talk about stuff that is personal, such as feelings or other relationships or dates or the past.

    Don't be a friend with benefits or such like either.

    Be friendly with him, be cool, be polite. Have fun and relax.

  • Well, prepare yourself for the good and bad. Don't over think the situation and don't have high expections about it. Just go in with a positive mind no matter what happens. Enjoy yourself and I know he may be nervous too, depending how long you have seen each other.

    The weight issue, I would probably come up with an excuse for not seeing him for at least week. Set date a week later, to give you time to work out and slim down or tone your body at least 5pounds less. Just so you can feel better and confident. Or wear something that doesn't make you look as big.

    I wish my ex would contact but any have a good time!


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