My ex said I was a ‘grind’ to be with today. What does this mean?

We had a very bad breakup and he has told me he is very bitter one week and now he says that the past is the past. I asked my ex if he wanted to get back together today to be a full time dad to our son. He said that will never happen and that I was a grind to be with but that he wants to see his son when he is not working (he works on an adhoc basis gets a call and goes)... he wants to come for days out and go camping with us as ‘friends’ but I do not feel this is right... He is not willing to commit to my son on a regular basis as he has said if he gets work that comes first... I am feeling a little confused as to whether I am being played (he does not need to work to live) and just seems to want to all the nice bits when he feels like it or am i reading this all wrong?


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  • it means thast you rubbed him the wrong way, you did or said things that make him angry
    If he works a lot don't expect him to be constantly there for his child. Now if he uses that as an excuse to be with friends. then I would get a court order for child support and visitation privileges put on him.

    • He used to use this as an excuse when we were together if he did not fancy doing that and he only works apparently the odd day here and there so i al a little surprised he cannot commit a couple of hours once a week by the way all weekends he is busy (not working)

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    • Thanks that is a good plan I will tell him I need a regular fortnightly/monthly commitment when he wants to see his son as frankly weekly has not worked at all and see what he says :)

    • hope all goes well for you and your child. if you have any other questions feel free to pm me.

  • I think you dragged him down


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