Break up after 4 months. When do you stat dating again?

The girl i really like just broke up with her boyfriend. They were dating for 4 months. They were really close friends for awhile before the relationship started. I think i might have a chance with her and i plan to confess my feelings to her. we have some history together. So how long do people usually wait before there ready for another relationship after ending a short term one? I don t mind taking it slow.


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  • NEVER congress your feelings for a woman. Unless you're in the 4th grade.


    Because it logic doesn't win a woman's heart. And it puts her in a terrible position!

    When you're playing poker do you confess your cards to the other players? No because that's lame and boring.

    And boring doesn't win the girl.

    Having fun, being attractive, and playful wins the girl.

    So instead just start taking her out on "dates" like you're dating. Act like you're trying to find out if she's a suitable girlfriend. Ask her the stuff you need to know if she's viable as a girlfriend. Like you would on any other date. Seem selective.

    And be FUN! Have fun with her, be playful and flirt.

    And just keep escalating.

    Taking action is what wins women over, not words. Take action.

    For example...

    Say, "Hey, come on an adventure with me Wednesday night... my treat, I'll pick you up at 6pm... don't eat dinner, and wear comfy shoes for walking."

    She'll want to know more but keep it a secret, to be playful, and then take her to some local restaurant you've been wanting to try.

    Hug her hello when you pick her up and hug her goodbye when you drop her off.

    Date number two will be similar except maybe it's a haunted house, or something more physical. Make her sweat. Maybe some fun rides at the amusement park. Maybe a scary movie.

    Date three is at your place with home made food and deep conversation.

    Over the three dates you touch her hand, hold her hand, or take her by the hand to the table. Find reasons to touch. Get her used to being touched and get her comfortable with you LEADING. Leading her to the table, to the car, around scary dogs on the street, etc. You're taking care of her after all.

    And at some point kiss her. Probably after dinner over drinks at your place while sitting close and telling stories. And wait for a great shared laugh where you're close and looking at each other.. and just lean in and kiss her cute face.

    If she says, "Whoa, what's that for?" you can say, "Oh, I just suddenly had this overwhelming urge to kiss your adorable face."

    But if you did everything right she won't say anything.

    Do all of this immediately. Don't wait for her to get over her ex... just start dating her, without calling it dating.

    Once you kiss you can take it slow if you need. But don't go on 6 dates without kissing, otherwise it's WAY too late and it'll seem weird if you try to kiss her.

    I hope this helps,

    (My Blog )

  • It is completely different for everyone as some people want to start dating again right away and others wait a while from being burned and hurt in the last relationship. Everyone is different for sure.


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