What is the best way to get over a relationship?

My boyfriend dumped me and well I lost my Virginity to him and I'm having a hard time with getting over him Please help

Well I was talking to him yesterday and he said it was killling him not to see me (the reason we broke up is because he moved) that's why he broke it off and he said it was the biggest mistake he ever made (he was crying really bad too) and it just hurt
even worse and he said he was sorry and everything. And we agreed when his dad got custody of him and he lived near me again he wanted everything back to normal and I said yes ijust want it to be back to normal and he also asked if we could just forget
The whole thing and so in the end were back together thanks for all the help


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  • It'll take a while with a situation with that. I say don't let yourself be mad at him. Don't jump into another relationship either. Just live your life and don't worry about him, it's his loss.


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  • You'll need to cut off contact with him. Seriously cut off any contact methods you have. don't call or text or talk to him. if he asks why say that you're taking the break up badly (be honest) and that you need to get out of the funk and its easier if he's totally out of the picture for a month or two.

    if he debates it, just shut him down and stick to your guns. trust me. only way.

    if you can't seem to resist talking to him, delete his phone number, e-mail address, unfriend him on facebook, block his aim address, whatever. You need to find ways to truly distance yourself for a period of time.

    then, and this is important, find someone else. you don't need to jump into bed with someone else. you don't need to date someone new. BUT, you can do both of these things if you want. What's important is finding a new guy who appreciates you, and doing so soon. It will help you rebuild your confidence and self image in a time where you probably feel pretty down on yourself and your situation.

    If its just a new friend who gives you a lot of attention, great. If its someone you start dating, that's fine too. It will just likely end in a month or two (these rebounds usually do) but it will be less emotionally attached from the start unless he's something special. If its someone you just have some rebound sex with, then whatever. This is all to rebuild your deep understanding that you can be appreciated and desired by others, which is usually beat up in a break-up. Don't listen to anyone who tells you rebounds are a bad thing, they're letting haughty and self-righteous thoughts prevent them from realizing that this stuff has immense utility and potential to truly rebuild someone's psyche.

    the most vital thing though is to really cut off contact with him. once you know you are strong again, you can let him back in (slowly first) to your life. If you don't have a relapse of wanting him back, then you're over him. if you relapse for him then its NOT "true love calling you back" its just not enough time apart.

  • hook up with someone new


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  • it obviously is going to just take time but, I guess you could think about all the things you really

    didnt like about him and come up with a reason you would want to break up with him, and I mean when you like someone and they act like they don't like you back your probably going to want to be with them more and want to forget everything that was wrong with them. and its really hard, but he liked you for a reason and I'm sure many more will like you in the future, fact is he's not the one with the key to your heart and its good that your not wasting your time with him, not that he wasn't special to you, obviously he was! but he lived out his purpose in your life, if he's meant to come back into your life, he will. I'm not sure how things ended but maybe you need some closure? or a fun night out! don't hook up though.. that's just not cool


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