Have you been played? How would you feel if you got divorced because of money?

I married my girlfriend of 5 years, we were married a year, after some financial problems she ran away and asked fora divorce on our wedding anniversary, she's been seen with guys and flirting all over snapchat, moved back to her hometown where 4 of her ex's live...

She still not sending my divorce papers. What does the fucking Bitch want? Isn't she whoring around and enjoying after hurting me and fucking off? Why is she pulling me down even further?
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  • She’s a bitch. She should have stayed. I’m sorry that happened to you. She’s was completely selfish. Part of being married is working together as a team.

    • Almost went to prison for her, she got caught with fake Euros, she got conned in a deal after I stopped her not to go through with it, then I took the blame to save her reputation, lucky the cops knew me and believed we were conned. Yes I said we. I took the whole burden.

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    • No problem. Be strong. Take care of you.

    • It's all I do. You are kind, thank you

Most Helpful Guy

  • This is why men are opting out of marrige.


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  • Fuck her man, cut her off if you can.

    • Need the divorce it's been over a year she's sitting on them

    • divorce Papers°

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