Breakups and Dating?

Any tips on how to get over an ex? More details please ask


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  • not a one fix suits all, did you accept it was over or are you still trying to figure out how to get her back?

    if you're over her, you won't just stop thinking of her, she'll still be the first thing you think of in the morning and when you go to sleep, she'll be for the next week or month, but eventually she'll become the second, then the third.

    you won't forget her but it'll start wear off and you'll learn to live with it, all in due time

    • Thank you so much., that really helps. It makes things clear. I would love nothing more than to have her back with me but I do want her to be happy.

    • the fact that you want her to be happy even tho it won't be with you tells me you're a good guy, you really care for that girl,
      take it easy pall, it sucks but such is life.

      i'm glad i was able to be of help, and i know you'll be allright, because 2 years ago i was where you are now.
      i made it out, and so will you

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  • I'm currently dealing with my second major heartbreak and like the other poster said it's different for everyone. But being with friends and family helps also try to do some stuff just for yourself. You will feel better it just takes time.

    • Thank you, I try my best to stay busy. When I have time on my hands she always comes to mind.

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    • Thank you for that. And I hope you get better as well

    • thanks for your vote :)

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