Why is My ex texting me?

He sends Links of cinema and things like that but never asks me directly to Go. Yesterday he wrote me when I was going to Go to see an especific movie and I replied that I didn't know, he told me the same. I didn't know what to tal about that next so I asked him How he was doing At Work and so on. But he gave me a blue check I Dont understand!!!


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  • That's a complicated one , my theory is that he wants to show you that he is over you the reason why I believe that is because he wants to keep contact yet he isn't showing any interest in getting back to you.. that's the only explanation I could think of for his cold reaction , and its just a theory

  • he seems te be willing to go out again, so the question is, would you be willing to go out with him again?

    • Maybe but he doesn't ask and then didn't respond that simply question

    • Thank you for answering 💟

    • maybe he's scared of what you'd say, if you're hard to read into it might be dificult for him.

      Maybe if he sends you a link to a cinema's movie send him a link / screenshot of your scedule (make sure its up to date :P )

      and your most welcome :)

  • He seems to still have some intrest in you


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