Why more men are opting out of marriage?

Alimony is crucial in divorce. Women seeking alimony may raise the money higher amounts knowing full well that the man wouldn't be able to afford it. some women leach every penny and has the man so poor and then has the man arrested for not having enough money to pay for the alimonySome women extend the alimony
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  • I won't marry because I don't want to be screwed over. People change their minds and if you're not in for the ride with the other party then the kerb is your destination. If I wanted to get married, I'd just buy someone I don't like a house.


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  • I think its an outdated tradition. My reason has nothing to do with either sex, I just view the whole thing as meaningless and a waste of time and money

  • Citation needed

  • Marriage today is a horrible choice for men for a lot of reasons.


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