How can I get my girlfriend?

to give me head... she does it from time to time as like a reward for being a really good boyfriend, but she's on that time and I respect that, she says she likes to do it, but each time I ask I feel guilty about it and worry she's not into it at all, which then I'd rather her just say no forget it... thoughts?


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  • Oral is a big part of great sex and it seems there is some of that lacking here. You don't mention if you do or don't give her oral? That could make a difference also.

    Just remember the easist way to always have great sex is communication. If the both of you know what the other wants, likes, dislikes etc things go a lot smoother.

    • Yeah, I def go down on her. do anything and everything she wants...even help pay her bills and drive her around when she needs since she got a DUI and lost her license. she was all into it, tho she said I was the 1st boyfriend she liked to blow, then she got sick for like 13 months and now she's only out for her?

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  • By some flavoured lube. I wasn't that keen on giving head to my ex, because of the taste, etc. and he bought some flavoured lube (kiwi and watermelon :D) , and I enjoyed giving head more because it tasted yummy. If its not the taste she'd grossed out about then maybe she just doesn't like the idea of doing it?

  • Um...sorry to say,but if she enjoyed doing it,she wouldn't only give it to you as a reward.I would never let a guy go down on me but without a doubt,I would give,he wouldn't even have to ask...because I'm not selfish.

    You can't make someone enjoy giving oral...and I think it's crappy that you have to ask and feel guilty about it.


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  • ok let me let you this f*** that bitch

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