What does it mean if my ex didn’t deny it when I called him jealous?

Past - ex who dumped me texted me “don’t talk to my friends again b*tch. I know you messaged (friend name)” He’s never called me names. I said “I messaged him ONE TIME. it was A WHILE AGO” ex blocked me and later said sorry. Present - I message ex. He says “stop talking to me” I say “then why did you get jealous if you say that” he said “bye”. I stop. He said nothing like “no, I wasn’t jealous” why?
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  • Well einstin I’d say he agrees with your opinion of him.


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  • It looks like, as if things went downhill. He notice he overdid it because of jealousy. He tried to make thing right again but couldn't. Now in the present he is out of his old relation and now is trying to live his life. He is done with you, I recommend to move on. Shit happens, and this time may have been because of his jealousy. Good luck.


What Girls Said 1

  • Who cares if he is jealous! He called you a b**ch. Don't let him disrespect you like that. My reaction would have been to block him for that for at least a month or forever. I may have just talked to his friends on purpose after that. You are not his property and his friends may not call you a bit** either!


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