Should I surprise her or call her?

I had to break up with the girl of my dreams 6 months ago, here's how it happened:

I met the most amazing girl at the beginning of the year, beautiful, intelligent, and we clicked from the start. Fast forward a bit and it turns out she has a prescription drug problem. I tried to help (mistake, I know) and it led to me seeking advice from a drug abuse specialist. She told me to end the relationship immediately, which I did, with no contact thereafter. The next few months were horrible, so I went to see the specialist again. Had some therapy, then she said she thinks I'm emotionally strong enough for a relationship with my ex. Now, since I know that it will be very emotional for both of us, especially for her, if we see each other again, the question is - do I first call her, or do I go knock on her door and try to sweep her off her feet? (BTW I will have to fly to see her)


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  • I will suddenly appear, with some chocolates, and tell her "I thought you would like some of these".

  • Fly? For something that's not guaranteed to work? I'd definitely call.


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