Is the spark really over?

My ex contacted me 1 month ago after 3 month of no contact. He broke up with me due to a heated argument before the summer. We meet up after talking the break up through and on that Day we agreed to be friends first to see where this will go, and he asked me to go to Prom with him. After the 2 week we went with his friends on a party and I felt immediately attraction towards him while dancing together, so I was confused. His friends liked me. He told me The next Day when I asked about his opinion of the starting over topic that he feels good with me but dont want to rush things. I agreed with his opinion so we still continued to talk but I lost my faith in him. One of the senior Boys got interest in me and we started talking for a few days but I didn't feel the connection, Soon after my boyfriend brought up the starting over topic but told me that this is a though decision we have to make even if Both us want it. The dance lessons started the next week and I felt like he is pulling away so I acted weird. He told me he lost feelings for me and now only sees me as a friend. When is asked about it the reason was loss of spark since the weekend and he felt no jealousy towards the senior guy. We are “friends” now and the prom dance will be on December.
A background story for our break up: Before the summer i was in a high emotional pain due to grief for my family member who died. He knew it but just couldnt handle my stressed out personality when all I needed just more time from him, so he gave up.
Why do you thinks so?
He always asks about the new guy


Most Helpful Guy

  • It won’t work and you will not be friends

    • Why do you think so?

    • Because people don’t change and you’ll breakup again and again for much the same reasons. He’s wanting to keep you around as a backup plan so he can fuck you when he can’t find someone else. He’ll tell how you’re the only one he’s ever loved, how he made such a big mistake, how much he misses you vomit vomit vomit. After he fucks you he’ll have some other reason why it won’t work. The reason he’s asking about others isn’t because he cares. It’s because if you start dating one it’ll cut off the access he has to your pussy. What do you think of him now?

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