Girls, Have a guy rejected you and then decided he was interested in you?

If so why? And did you overcome this?


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  • So a friend of mine out of the blue one day cofessed to me that he liked me and he wanted a relationship (I liked this person for a long time ) I told him how I felt about him then days later he changed his mind and didn't want a relationship anymore.*Months later* I meet the guy of my dreams. One that makes me feel like a new person. Anyway He comes back and tell me he's sorry and that really does want to be with me. This friend of mine , we were friends for years and I felt like I was basically in love with this person. But I felt like he couldn't just do this to me just simply tell me what I wanted to hear and then just simply changed his mind. Words like those shouldn't be something that said so lightly. If a guys really interested in you. he'll be straight forward he'll let you know. I didn't go back to my friend I turned him down because even though we had a long friendship and we had a lot of history. He made me feel like he wasn't interested in being with me. He made me feel like he just wanted to be with someone just to be with someone and that's not what I'm looking for.

    • Aaaww... thanks for sharing

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