Why did she put my comments on private?

My Ex had blogs she wrote me on MySpace and I still used to go by there and see the blogs that she wrote me and the comments that I made to her blogs..but anyways I had went to her blog and seen that she set my blog comments to private but I can still see the blogs so I seen her on facebook so I chatted her and said why did she put my comments on private and she said why that they shouldn't matter to me anymore and I said because I like to see them and it still meant something to me and that I still got feelings so she was getting mad and said I don't need her and that I just wanted her and deleted one of the blogs and the comments I had..then I go by her page 3 weeks later and see the comments that I had made and I don't understand why she got them back viewable and not block no more why would she put my comments back 3 weeks later where I can see them now when we got into a argument about the blog and comments I don't understand what do that pose to mean? can some one help its like wishy washy can some one tell me what she mean by these doings?

we aren't together she's my ex an we have broken up almost 6 months


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  • Who ended the relationship?


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