Ex boyfriend, hanging out, no sexual thing?

My ex came over. Before he came over I told him no funny business because he has too much going on. He is currently living with his ex girlfriend, they just broke up a couple weeks ago. So he is moving back in with his parents. He came over to bring his Game system. For me to hold and I lent him some money to cover the bills this week. So when he gives me the money back he gets the game system back. Anyway. He came over we set up the game and crawled under my electric blanket. We hug out for 2 hours... no touching no sexual comments. Nothing just like we were friends. But I wanted a kiss so bad. Or so I thought. When he was leaving I pulled him in and held him for a long time and when I pulled back I asked him for a kiss. He kissed me and it was not like it was before. It was good, don’t get me wrong. But it was weird. What does this mean? Please help I’m so lost.


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  • Saying no funny business then going under the blanket is a little mixed but , sounds like your probably just a bit horny and he was there so...

    • True I was being dumb. I haven’t hooked up with anyone in over a year. He was the last guy I slept with.

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    • You are literally the most helpful person I have found. Thank you so much. And yeah I’m not big on sleeping around.

    • Hahaha that's not a problem and that's amazing condensating I downloaded this like 15 mins ago really glad to of helped in some kind :) I don't know how this app works yet but I wouldn't mind talking to you again if you had questions or something?

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