How to let him tell me whether he likes me?

He is a very close and special friend. but based on his behaviors these days I kinda feel that he's interested in me more than a friend. I can't be 100% sure, since he's flirting very hard and I know he's not that kind of guy to flirt with everyone. I also have a crush on him, but I guess probably because we both don't want risk anything to destroy what he already have, so we never had the "talk"... It's the valentine's day in my country tomorrow, I asked him out and told him it's a traditional holiday in my country, I just don't want to spend alone. He's an American so he didn't know, so he started to look up and found it's valentine's day... but he still accepted without any hesitation.. I really want to make things clear tomorrow... how should I ask him then?


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  • there is no way you can confess without putting the relationship you already have on the line. As of techniques of how to make him open up to you, I wouldn't know. but what its eventually going to come down to is just you telling him straight forward your feelings and see his response. That's the sure way to find out.


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