Stopping the breakup?

Girlfriend told me she loves but she feels unhappy. We’ve known each other and were best friends for 3 years and have been dating for 10 months now. Lately she’s been annoyed of me calling her or spending time with her. We spend Thursday together all day. Friday about 6 hours cause she works in the morning. Saturday we spend about 5 hours together cause we both work and Sunday 5 hours as well cause we both work. She’s been unhappy cause of school and her life at home and says she wants to be alone. Although she gets her alone time on Mondays Tuesdays and Wdnessays. It annoys her if I text her while she’s at work. She says she doesn’t want a relationships at the moment but that she does love me. What can I do to make her happy again? Do something she like together, buy her a bouquet so she can cheer up? Any ideas?


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  • Noo... Give her space. Stop contacting her, stop spending time with her. This is the problem. She needs space. She doesn't need you smothering her and buying her things. The fact is she doesn't appreciate your company anymore, you've got to give her time to miss you.


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