What could be my next move to show interest?

There is this guy I like who works in a shop close to my home, I have seen him a few times in there and I think he's really cute, nice etc. I went in the other day while on the phone to my parents, I was walking up to the kinda close to the counter as I was saying goodbye on the phone, which took a long time as there were lots of goodbyes (bye bye bye bye... and on and on) Its our family thing as we hate hanging up on each other ha ha... anyway when I got to the counter after hanging up I looked up at the guy and he had a huge smile on his face and was giggling, I went red and said, sorry was the folks, then we had a short convo about parents meanwhile he had big smiles, Then I left. Could this be a positive first encounter, how will I show interest next time I go to his shop? Advice needed, he seems like a really sweet guy, thanks for reading!


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  • You should try flirting with him.


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