What’s your view on people who abandon others who had helped them when times were tough?

Asking cause I just got out of a relationship like this. My ex girlfriend was going through the toughest time of her life when we met and I helped her through it all when no one else was there for her and stuck with her even when the stress and anger was seeping into our relationship and as soon as things started going well again she didn’t care about me at all and left me. I feel used and incredibly hurt because I trusted her and I thought she was a better person than that. Honestly I hate her for it, but she doesn’t know that because I stopped talking to her out of the blue and she hasn’t even bothered contacting me ever since I disappeared suddenly (we were still talking because I had hopes that we would get back together which I had told her about) I feel like she never cared about me and I’m not religious but honestly I think there is a special place in hell for people like that. The kind of people who you help when they are going through a tough time because you care about them, but as soon as they start doing well they throw you away like you’re disposable. Any of you have some stories of that happening whether it’s family, a significant other, or a friend?


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  • Of course mate!!! Many girls are like this. And most of my female friends wound up being like this!!!

    They’re going through hell... call on me anytime and every time. Night and day and get angry if I don’t help.

    Me going through a tough time!!! Only happens once but did they help NOPE!!! Generic responses “oh that sucks” “it’ll get better” or silence.


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  • Your avatar answers this question

    • Lmao that is totally true! It really suck though because no joke she was the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen, but her personality completely sucks. She’s narcissistic and disrespectful. Oh well

    • Google: succubus... I bet her pictures are right next to the description ;)

    • Lol I know what you mean 😂

  • Dealing with sociopaths 1 on 1.


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