Why does my boyfriend always fall asleep on me?

We talk all the time but he doesn't do nearly as much as me but he always falls asleep and im starting to feel like its my fault.


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  • ... Because you are comforting to him. Your voice is calming. Stop giving yourself a complex. Female voices remind us of safety that has been there from birth...


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  • Its not, its either he's tired and has a lot on his mind, or he's not interested in what's happening.

  • thats a strange one

  • Wait why do you feel like it’s your fault?

    What are you mostly talking about? Is it your day or interest? Or his interest?

    Are you sure he’s not just Mega mondo tired haha?

    • i feel like im boring him.
      we talk about what he likes and what makes him happy, or his day.

    • Ah cool! Lol well if he doesn’t say you’re boring him... I think you’re good. Just take it as he’s so relaxed around you, he can easily fall asleep on you lol.

  • you're 13 years old and have a bf? Lol

    • im almost 14

    • ok, that's still pretty young to have an actual bf/gf cuz you're not fully matured (biologically, psychologically, and sexually) yet. wait till you're 16/17 to get into serious relationships cuz that's when they start getting serious

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