Should I break up with him?

This guy who has problems with self harm asked me to date him and I said yes because I wasn't really thinking. I don't like him as anything more than a friend but I don't feel comfortable breaking up with him, he's clingy and I don't think he would take it well. What should I do?


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  • urgh, this no good, he's going to think its all him... I guess you just reason, in your words, that its all your fault, that you dont want it anymore because of you, and he's not to blame one bit, and its all your fault? he's still going to be hurt, yea, but he can't blame himself too much if you make it sound like its entirely your fault that you dont want the relationship anymore.


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  • The decision needs to be about your happiness, not his. If you’re not happy in and committed to this relationship, then it will only end badly. Better to be honest and do it now.

  • Make him want to leave you


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