What does it mean when the ex says he’s moved on but still stalks you online everyday?

I reached out to my ex 2 times already and he was very mean and rude and straight up told me to get lost. Recently, 2-3 weeks ago I noticed him on fb blocking and unblocking me every few days. So, after 5 months of no contact I reached out again because I found out the real reason why we broke up. One of our mutual friends who’s his best friend she lied to him saying I sleep around and I am a bad girl. Anyway so I reached out to him clarifying the misunderstandings and he said that he’s moved on and he’s been seeing my status about him on my whatsapp and that he’s no longer interested. I was very hurt because he’s still not believing me and I blocked him from everywhere. Day later, I see he adds me from a different number to stalk me. He has two numbers, out of which I was only added to one. How do I know he’s stalking me because his settings are set to friends for status and pic and if I check that number through a different whatsapp nothing shows, only from my phone it shows because I’m in his contacts. So why is he still stalking if he’s not interested? Why doesn’t he want to get back with me? I really love him and want him back, I don't know what to do anymore! Please help?


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  • Because he doesn't care so much about you. He cares to see who your next move is with. You may love him but you will get over him. He may think about you from time to time but if he says he's done with you but still checks out your stuff he is more concerned with what you're doing with others

    • I don’t post much on social media and my profile is very private. He is not even friends with me on it. He blocks and unblocks and then post stuff how he’s traveling and all. Now since that I blocked him he stopped posting completely. I don’t understand, he’s showing signs he’s not over and when I approach him he tells me he’s moved on and doesn’t wanna get back together. Then he stalks every single day with fake profiles and all

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    • I followed you

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  • He wants you to chase him. To him, he feels you did wrong and ruined the relationship. So, why is he going to work hard to get you back?

    His first mistake is, believing others over you. That shows he had no trust in you to begin with. Anyone who knows their woman or man will defend them to the fullest and know what they are and aren't capable of.

    I say, let him be. Whatever he wants to do, stalk you or contact you, let him be. He made a mistake of distrusting you over "he said, she said" and now he has to live with the fact he lost someone who was in fact loyal.

    Find someone who cares to know who you truly are and not someone who gets to know you through others.

    • He thinks I am spreading rumors and bothering him fake profiles I haven’t been doing that. I don't know what’s going on. I recently found a profile under my name with nasty pics photoshopped of me. There is someone who’s playing nasty games I asked him about it he said he didn’t do it. He still doesn’t understand he said go ask other guys you play with.. I have blocked him now from everywhere. But I don't know why he still stalks me and keeps saying move on. I heard he’s gonna get arrange marriage early next year his parents are going to set him up in December...

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    • My whole family has been in an arranged marriage to people they do not know. It is common and normal for us. It is odd to others. I am sure you may find everything I tell you to be odd too. Its an odd religion lol that's why i dont follow or practice it.

    • No I totally get you and understand you! I am actually from the same religion too. I know what you mean, but tbh it’s not the religion it’s the culture. We tend to rationalize and make it seem like it’s the girls fault. If she’s too outgoing she’s seen in a different light. I am a very non judge-mental person when it comes to these things I go by to each their own. But yeah I have budged with him few times and every time he said no so I guess I am out of options and have nothing left anymore, I’ll leave it here. It’s how girls are look down upon, it’s to do with culture not religion because where I am from there are different religions but we follow same cultural rules just like yours!

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  • How about you do what human beings used to do and go talk to him in person... instead of through a computer.

    • I can’t he’s in a different country now. I don't know when he will be back. I’ve asked him to meet me before and he didn’t

  • That he’s bullshitting you.

    • Ok well if he’s bullshitting about moved on then why doesn’t he wanna get back together?

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    • So how do I get to admit in my favor?

    • Get him to admit in my favor? What should I do?

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