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There was a girl that i were in love with a few months ago, but when i told her she turned me down.. Later i found out that she were was trying out a New relationship with someone else.. I told her that i could not handle the situation and had to take a break away from her as i had planned staying friends with her. What do i do? Make conntact again after a while or leave her for good?


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  • Well are you good friends or just friends? It'll be hard on you if you still have strong feelings for her while she's with someone else so maybe take a longer break and limit your contact with her until you have moved on, you don't have to cut her off completely if you want to remain friends. Hope all goes well :)

    • We are just friends, but let me add some information.. You see.. I fell in love with her on the internet, but when i told her i liked her she said she could not have a relationship because of the distance.. We also met at a festival after i told her because she really wanted to see me, but later i found out that she had been hooking up with someone else who also live far away.. She also told her friend that she though it was weird because she didn't know me, but she started a long distance relationship with a guy she only spoke with a few days.. wow..

    • Ahh okay well it seems like she just wasn't interested in a relationship with you and was looking for an excuse 😞 tbh if someone I had feelings for pulled something like that then I wouldn't bother staying in contact or be their friend. It's up to you and what you feel is right but I say you should just move on completely, it'll be hard but it might be for the better

  • Leave her for good first and explain her why then comeback if u already forget ur feelings to her. Because if u stay talking or having contact with her while she is with someone else, it hurts.


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