He stopped smiling when he saw me?

My older cousin has a best friend that I’ve known since I was five years old and we were pretty good friends, we used to hang out a lot after school and play with each other. Now, I see him sometimes when I pass by my cousin’s house to say hi and he asks me questions about the sports I’m doing etc. but it’s been a while since I’ve seen and spoken to him. We attend the same high school now and I am currently a Freshmen while he is a Junior, and now just recently I saw him walking down the hallways with this girl in which I have no clue who she is. He was smiling and talking to her when we suddenly made eye contact, his smile dropped as soon as he saw me as he stared at me. To ease the tension in the air, I smiled and said excuse me me and walked past him, but I’m wondering, why was his reaction like that? Did he not want to see me or something?


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  • "Did he not want to see me" probably opposite of that. He was taken a back when seeing you making him stop smiling. He was probably smiling because of something funny and you distracted him from it and that removed his smile.

    I wouldn't be too worried. You obviously like him. Try get in contact with him, I'm pretty sure he would not mind.

    Don't analyze everything this deeply, you will miss the obvious things when you focus on the small things. You just caught him off guard and I would say it was a positive reaction. If he wasn't smiling to begin with and then didn't smile seeing you, that would be different. I could bet that if you see him and he doesn't smile he will when he sees you.


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  • Move on girl. There are plenty of men in the world. Prob didn't want you to see him with another girl or something happened in your previous meet that set him off


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