Will he come back?

Boyfriend of almost a year dumped me completely out of the blue after weeks of 'i love you more than anything', 'i would marry you' 'were so happy/strong, we've been through so much together'. He even promised he'd never leave me. I struggle with being super jealous/clingy at points, he thinks I'm too demanding of his time/stresses a lot about money. We fought about the past/ignoring me/him not wanting to stay over regularly. We had one massive fight where I had a breakdown and slapped him around a few months into the relationship, he then moved out. He began ignoring me for several days/blocked my calls. We would split pay for our video games, and share them by connecting our accounts (gameshare) which he removed. I warned him if he removed it again we couldn't reinstate it. After weeks of me begging despite my obvious shame/hate from his family + friends, him saying he didn't know what he wanted one day/didn't want a girlfriend the next we got back together. He told me he was always going to come back/would never shut me out again. 6 days ago he came over and after a little argument he drove off saying he was 'done' and blocked me on all avenues (minus text) as well as my parents. 2 days later with his friends encouraging him to speak to me (and him saying he needs to worry about himself/time out to them) he contacted me. He sounded upset/said he didn't really want to speak but told me we were breaking up because he was sick of arguing etc. I asked if he loved me and he said yes, I tried to talk him round, he stayed silent and while I was trying tearfully to explain how I felt he hung up, messaging me that he's sorry but can't do this. Days later he blocked me on Xbox, keeping the gamesharing. I messaged him about getting his clothes and no response. Is he keeping a door open by avoiding picking up his things/removing gameshare?

Is it over? Does he need time? I thought the relationship was a huge deal, but maybe to him he really would prefer to just be alone.


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  • It sounds like he's done,. If I was you I'd try to start moving on.

    • Should I be doing something with his things?
      Should I remove the game sharing? Because if he's done he's taking advantage of all the money I spent on him to play with his mates.

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    • He's ignored me about his things, and I'm scared to remove gameshare because it feels petty/final. Do you think it's likely he will speak to me about getting them when he's ready?

    • It doesn't matter if he's ready, it's a natural consequence of him ending things. If he says it's over give him a date to come get his things (maybe a week or so) and tell them if he doesn't come get them, his things will be donated. If he wants to be with you he needs to say so, that's part of being a mature adult.

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