Being distant with your ex?

So is that normal? We recently broke up, and as of now I just don't want to see him. But I do want to keep in contact with him, but I'm not sure how long I should wait. He said there might be an odd chance we might get back together or find other people. So I'm a little confused :(


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  • I wish my ex would call me so I could tell her to go f*** herself.


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  • Sounds like he is confused and needs time away to think things through. If he wanted to be with you then he would instead of just saying so. You do not need to be his back up plan, if he starts dating others. I am sure you can keep in contact with him but you can say if he mentions about meeting up, that you are not ready at the moment. I am sure he will understand, but if you do want to get back with him, don't leave meeting him to long, as sometimes, the sooner you get back the quicker you can get back on track, as feelings will not have diminished as such and you have a better chance at making things work..


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