What is my ex thinking?

Me and my ex were together best part of 1 year, long story short got new group of friends and one girl stood out to him. She snapped him and liked everything on social media. I announced I was pregnant and he freaked out big time and started dating her not to mention she's 17 And he's coming 23! He's got her all over social media, pics, Facebook official the lot buys her underwear&flowers etc. But still contacts me every week or so. He met up with me the other night and asked to get back together and raise the baby together that he was sorry and she was nothing like me he compared everything she did to me and then said he'd need time to leave her? I couldn't take this as she knows I'm pregnant with his baby and still sleeps with him! His family are embarrassed for him and think he'll regret it when it wears off with new girl. I told him he either ended it that night or we were done for good so I could move on and he told me he was not going to end it with her that night and if I didn't want to talk to him during this on my head be it and just to text him with updates on baby. But no doubt will text or call a couple weeks down line again. He's been with her just over 2 months and is with her 24/7 I've been told. Will he ever regret this? He's never went longer than 2 weeks without texting or calling from blocked numbers again? Please help?


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  • I'm in a similar situation without the pregnancy, which no doubt makes your situation harder. In the end I have walked away. He made his choice and it is not you, regardless of what he has said about you being 'better'. If he really loved you then he would have chosen you. He is with this other girl now for whatever reason. Don't get hung up over it anymore. He has moved on and so should you. Whether he regrets it or not is no longer your concern. If that is how he behaves then you have to ask if that is the type of man you really want to be with. If you want him to be part of the child's life then by all means tell him about the baby, but don't pursue a relationship with him anymore, you are better off without.

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    • I presumed it is an ego thing, they enjoy that there are many women who want them. But in the end that is not how it works. They go out and have their fun but they want you to fall back on as the 'real relationship', but it is controlling and not decent behaviour. Often men like that have a lot of maturing to do before they are ready for a serious relationship. I was strung along for a month waiting for him to change and to really 'choose' me, but as his girlfriend at the time, he should have picked me immediately to work on our relationship together, rather than pursue his crush. But he didn't, I was unhappy and accepted that I deserved to be treated better by someone who valued me and would choose me indefinitely rather than string me along believing I would wait until he was done fooling around. I have chosen not to speak to my ex at all in order for me to help me get over him, as unfortunately I do still love him despite knowing he is unhealthy for me.

    • It is an ego thing, he used to be so private about things didn't post me all over his social media he even blurs out his number plate if he posts his car but now he's out there showing her off to the world, but still contacts me and came seen me crying wanting me back then when I gave him the choice he chose her. I just feel like he's completely out this new girl before me and his baby I thought before all this he really did love me we were so close and his family still want to keep in contact but I can't it's too hard. And the fact he's doing all this knowing I'm having his baby disgusts me. And she just justifies everything he does is right. Yeah they think we're gonna wait until there fed up of the other woman and then take them back straight away. I do not understand men at all lol X

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